Tips & Hints – Greaseproof vs baking parchment

What’s the difference between greaseproof paper and baking parchment?

PickofTheWeekDonutsBaking parchment has been treated with silicone, so it’s non-stick, moisture-resistant and can handle high temperatures, which makes it great for baking. Greaseproof paper, on the other hand, isn’t non-stick or heat-resistant, but is fat-resistant, making it best for wrapping greasy foods such as baked goods and cheese.
Pick of the Week

It’s easy to get snowed under when browsing Pinterest by the hundreds of breads, cakes, and carefully styled homes shots, but Mel’s (The Faux Martha) doughnut board most definitely stands out among the white noise, and shows that the doughnut trend hasn’t passed quite yet.


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  1. Thanks Hannah,
    I clicked google to find the difference between baking parchment and baking paper.
    Among all the other’s – i found yours to be the simplest one that get’s to the point.

    When i have more time, i’ll come back, try the donut recipe and also the cinnamon thingys.

    Hansa 🙂

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