The Dinner Bell Monthly Digest

tinyletterHello all!

Just popping in to say this month I’m launching The Dinner Bell Monthly Digest. The newsletter, which I’ll send at the beginning of each month, will feature recipes, info on what’s in season that month, and some tidbits about weird or straight up interesting food news from around the world (this month, bees, and a bit on the history of ice cream!).

You can sign up for the Digest – it takes seconds! – here.

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The lady behind The Dinner Bell! I'm that person who doesn't let you leave their flat without eating something, and will probably press a parcel of cookies or cake into your hands as you head to the door. I’m a sub-editor by day, avid book-reader by night, and octopus fan always. I've returned to Norfolk after eight years away, but little bits of my heart still belong to London, where I lived for almost fives years, and Sheffield, where I went to uni and finally lost my bumpkin accent.

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