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Lemon syrup cake

lemoncakesideSo you know how the foodie section of the internet is all creme eggs and hot cross buns and chocolate nests right now? Yeah, I thought maybe we could shake things up a bit.

I love a chocolate egg as much as anyone – I swear, chocolate always tastes better in egg form – but this year Easter weekend will bring three extra things: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead finale. It’s a big TV weekend for nerdy people, and I for one am excited. Read More

Lemon & white chocolate Viennese whirls

GawkI love cooler weather, but this cold snap we’ve had has left me yearning for waking up to sunshine and eating cold summer fruit pudding with yoghurt for breakfast. I’m craving packing up bread and cheese to eat in the park. I want to get out in my garden to see if this soil’s any good for growing, and if we can make it an outside space where we can drink iced coffee and listen to the radio. I need the sun to rise earlier so that I’m not hopping about 5 minutes before leaving for work, trying to put on tights and take photos simultaneously, cursing the unstoppable grey light filtering through my windows. My taste buds are crying out for salads, and sorbet, and citrus fruits. I’m ready for spring.

So it only seemed fitting to remedy this with a little indulgence, and a lot of white chocolate, to help fight off those winter blues. And because, well, why the hell not?

For this recipe it’s important to use a decent quality lemon curd – not necessarily the most expensive, but probably not the cheapest – as cheaper lemon curds sometimes have a synthetic taste and too much sugar, which ruins the way the white chocolate works with the lemon flavour. I’d usually advocate going for the bargain, but in this case, no way Jose.

Also if – like me – you’re a nervous piper, check out these tips from Martha Stewart. Enjoy!

Recipe makes 16. Click recipe to enlarge.