Tip of the Week: Guide to London’s (many, many) coffee shops


I made the mistake a couple of months back of impulse buying a book while on a Sunday mooch around the city. I do this quite a lot, but it’s rarely a mistake (I said rarely. Looking at you, Cloud Atlas). But, having wandered into Angel after a visit to the Ray Stitch haberdashery, the lures of Waterstones and coffee were too strong and I ended up walking out with the London Coffee Guide*.

You  know what’s in the London Coffee Guide? Recommendations, broken down by area.

You know what’s abundant on the internet for free? Recommendations, broken down by area, with loads of photos and personal notes.

As much as it kills me to admit that a book might have been made a touch redundant by the wealth of information online, it’s true in this case. So, here’s a few of my favourite ways to find out about London’s best coffee shops. Bring on the flat whites, chilled out music, and cosy nooks. Continue reading


On the heavy language of weight loss

I seem to have fallen into a bizarre pattern. Over the past few years, June has become the Big Decisions month.

Three years ago, I finished uni, pulling my first and last all nighter in the library and running around with cat whiskers drawn on, in the early hours of the morning when university libraries get weird with the pressure of deadlines.

Two years ago, I started on my journey to spinsterhood and cut a foot of hair off. Weirdly, I’m wearing the same dress in the photos of this and the previous year’s event. I also made strawberries and cream cookies.

One year ago, I came back from a holiday and decided it was time to drop some pounds (which I touched on previously). And then made a lime and coconut yoghurt cake, obviously.

So naturally, it’s a time to reflect. I did drop some of those pounds*, and, although I still have some to go, the question I get asked most often is how did you do it? Continue reading


In Season: May & June

Finally, finally, finally, we’re out of the cold. As I type this, I’m looking out on grey skies (oh, England), but there’s solace in the fact that the streets are increasingly lined with the bright colours of summer fruits with “British” on the sticker.

Related to all this, you can now browse recipes by ingredient (up….^^^ there) on this little ol’ blog. There’s even a dedicated salted caramel section, along with the less indulgent fruit and veg bits.

Continue reading


In season: February & March

These early months are odd ones for seasonal food – with winter giving way to spring, market stalls full of February’s hardy greens start to transform, with the additions of wild garlic and purple sprouting brocolli. The stars of February and March are undeniably those versatile green vegetables: trendy kale; wrinkled savoy cabbages, each dimple picking up sauce; and the always-brilliant leek. Even cauliflower, which has seen a revival as more people seek alternatives to heavy carbohydrates, is a noteworthy seasonal feature. Here’s a round up of some of the most inspirational recipes to help you get using those early-spring treats. Continue reading