Chocolate peanut butter pie by Emine Hassan

Chocolate peanut butter pie

Peanut butter can be so sticky to eat. Yes, I know, it’s sweet and salty, smooth or crunchy, but the thickness of it makes me feel like a dog playing with a Kong. That said, mixing peanut butter with honey and cream cheese and folding in glorious whipped cream then letting it chill on top of a deeply chocolatey homemade wafer base is (think saltier Oreos), perhaps, the best way to avoid the perils of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. I’m not boasting… but the peanut butter filling in this oh-so American pie barely hit the sides of my mouth.

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Browned butter, peanut and chocolate Rice Krispie squares


‘m moving pretty soon, leaving behind our tiny flat for something further out of town and bigger, with a kitchen that isn’t so small that every meal is like a Chuckle Brothers episode.

We got lucky, I guess. We stumbled across a flat that we loved as soon as we stepped through the front door and the smell of new carpets hit our noses. That particular love might just be mine, but there’s nice tiles and a good sofa and enough space, finally, to have people over for dinner. There might even be enough room for my ridiculous collection of shoes.

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Peanut bites

Snacking in the evening is my biggest “dieting” downfall. I’d come home from work absolutely starving, and instead of eating a quick and easy dinner, will absent-mindedly chomp on chunks of cheese while telling my flatmate about my day, and then make a meal. If I’d had salad for lunch, I’d probably be in a carb-frenzy and shovel bread in instead. Ridiculously, I’d eat healthily all day long, and then ruin it by filling my face with whatever I could grab at home (unsurprisingly, this never extended to the fruit bowl). Continue reading