Browned butter, peanut and chocolate Rice Krispie squares


‘m moving pretty soon, leaving behind our tiny flat for something further out of town and bigger, with a kitchen that isn’t so small that every meal is like a Chuckle Brothers episode.

We got lucky, I guess. We stumbled across a flat that we loved as soon as we stepped through the front door and the smell of new carpets hit our noses. That particular love might just be mine, but there’s nice tiles and a good sofa and enough space, finally, to have people over for dinner. There might even be enough room for my ridiculous collection of shoes.

We’re adding a third member to the household, and making more of a home.  But for now, I’m going through a series of “lasts”, familiar scenes that’ll soon be different, like the fire alarm going off while I’m flapping about with wet nail polish, or the last Saturday visit to the fruit stall.

One I’m not so sad about: it’s the last week of having to use an oven that sets itself to whatever temperature it fancies. Until I get that sweet working oven, though, here’s some no-bake goodness.

Browned butter, peanut & chocolate Rice Krispie squares // The Dinner Bell

Rice Krispie squares are sort of…everywhere, and easy. But you know what? They almost always miss out the toffee. You need the toffee for the chew, and the layers of peanut butter and chocolate sure do help. Let’s go.

Browned butter peanut & chocolate Rice Krispie squares

Yields 32 good-sized pieces


175g unsalted butter
175g toffees
175g marshmallows
About half a jar of crunchy or smooth peanut butter
Roughly 200g Rice Krispies/supermarket-brand equivalent (let’s face it, it’s just puffed rice. Cheaper is good)
250g milk chocolate
50g white chocolate


  1. In a large saucepan, over medium heat, brown the butter. When it’s golden brown, drop in the toffees and marshmallows, and stir continuously with a spatula until smooth and well incorporated.
  2. Turn off the heat and stir in a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter. Add the Rice Krispies, half at first then gradually after that.
  3. Pour the mixture into a tray about 2 inches deep and about 12″x8″, and smooth down with the back of a spoon. Use that same spoon to smooth some more peanut butter over the top.
  4. Using whatever your preferred chocolate melting method is, melt the milk chocolate and pour it over the top, making sure you cover the whole thing. (Overdone it a bit? Rescue it like this.) Leave it to set, then melt the white chocolate and pipe it – neatly, or, you know, not – over the top*. Allow to cool completely before cutting it 8×4.
Notes: I actually put the chocolate into a disposable piping bag, melted it by holding it under the surface of a pan of hot water, and then snipped the end off to make a tiny hole. It worked a treat.

12 thoughts on “Browned butter, peanut and chocolate Rice Krispie squares

  1. Lynsey Jade says:

    Horray for no baked goodness ! Perfect for when you want something sweet and home made without all the effort ! Good luck for the move! L x

  2. Hannah Jade says:

    *And* you get to lick the spatula and peanut buttery spoon. Thanks for the luck – a few days to go and still so much to do!

  3. Kim says:

    Why has it never occurred to me that peanut butter could be incorporated into Rice Krispie squares?! Genius idea! Good luck with the move!

  4. What Kate Baked says:

    All the very best with the move- hope it isn’t too stressy involving too much losing of the shoe and spatula collections. And yay to new ovens and big kitchens! And more yay to yummy no bake sweet treats like these!

  5. Hannah Jade says:

    Thank you Kate! I think the shoe collection has survived, only problem now is finding where to keep them all 😉

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