What is…the best way to keep iced coffee cool?

As a natural ginger, I often find summer kind of tough – I’ve got skin that burns quicker than a slice of toast if I’m not careful, and would rather be caught in autumn drizzle than stuck in the stifling heat of midday sun bouncing off buildings. This used to mean a) browsing in supermarket frozen aisles for a long time, and b) clutching an iced coffee more frequently than anyone’s bank balance can really take.

Homemade iced coffees just weren’t the same, with the drink getting weaker with every drop of melted cube. Enter coffee ice cubes. Made with coffee stronger than what you’d actually drink, they stop your drink from losing its power. They do tend to be a little sticky – you can encourage them out of the tray by running the back of it under the tap before popping them out. Happy bank balance, happy inner thermostat.

2 thoughts on “What is…the best way to keep iced coffee cool?

  1. A Magpie in the Sky says:

    Also iced coffees are made so much better by drinking out of a thermos flask, the ice barely gets a chance to melt, I often get a sneaky second half-a-coffee out of my ice cubes!

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