Mamma’s banana cake

Banana cake is one of those things that I’ll forever associate with home and childhood. It seems it’s also one of the few bakes that everybody has a version of, often that they proclaim to be the best. But hey, I’m not the boss of you, I can’t tell you what’s the best. I’ve not eaten every banana cake – proclaiming the best would be a huge responsibility! Although it’s a challenge I’d happily take on, it’d take a lifetime. All I can tell you is that this is my mamma’s recipe, and I love it. Continue reading

Banana & chocolate filo wraps

You know there are some days when nothing but chocolate will do? Well, I’ve been having that a lot lately – it’s all about the chocolate, and the bananas. These weekend I’m migrating away from chocolate and banana porridge in favour of something a little more fancy looking. The past few weeks have been pretty hectic, which led to an impromptu week away from the blog, but it’s felt good to be back in the kitchen. Nothing says weekend like baking in your pajamas.


So it’s full steam ahead now, and this weekend I discovered an amazing baking tray liner that filo doesn’t stick to, after a string of sticking catastrophes every time I’ve cooked with filo. My boyfriend’s mum gave it to me a while ago but it had been tucked away in one of my boxes of stuff that won’t fit in the kitchen, and was brought down to battle with the terror that is filo-greaseproof adhesion, which, despite extensive googling, I’d never been able to solve. But here we go – the Lakeland silicone baking mat (available here in various colours) is magic. Not a hint of sticking. Didn’t even have to get a palate knife involved. Continue reading