Christmas gifts: Oreo truffles


These (really naughty and delicious) truffles are the last in my Christmas gift ideas series, with a few sweet ideas for the skint (me) or thrifty.

Knowing full well that this little corner is just a tiny drop in the ocean of food blogs out there can be a little overwhelming. At Christmas, this becomes doubly clear: because it’s a time when a lot of bloggers are sharing very similar recipes and ideas. It’s not just an internet thing – if you watch a morning of cookery shows at a weekend in December you’ll be bombarded with ingredients like celeriac. In a lot of ways, this seasonality is the lifeblood of food and everything associated with it – and rightly so. But it brings with it a certain inevitability, and a need to innovate.

Equally, there are some things that really don’t need innovating, that speak for themselves the moment you take an innocent little bite. Although many Pinterest users and bloggers could say it more eloquently than I: ladies and gentlemen, these Oreo truffles are that perfect mouthful. Continue reading

Christmas gifts: gingerbread man kit


With only 17 days to go until Christmas, I’m starting to get a little panicky – especially as a lot of what I’m going to give to my loved ones this year is homemade, and so needs a bit of planning. Planning is not necessarily my strong suit. This gingerbread man kit is a last minute kind of gift that can be easily assembled from things you have at home, but also shows a bit of thought and is pretty cute. Especially if you throw in this little guy…

The original idea came from this month’s issue of Waitrose Kitchen. It’s one of my favourite food magazines  – it focuses on seasonal food, has amazing photography in it, and at £1.20 is a lot cheaper than other food magazines. It’s a winner. Continue reading