Matcha custard doughnuts

When I was 17 I developed my first real obsession – music…possibly to the detriment of my grades to be honest. I have a bit of an addictive personality so it tends to be all or nothing with some things. This was really before I was able to download very much – certainly legally anyway – so I bought CDs every week. I remember when The Strokes 12:51 single came out and I was so so desperate to hear it that I made my Dad call into HMV, pick up the CD and drop it off to me at school so I could listen to it on my Walkman. Continue reading

Matcha buttermilk white bottom pie

I’m actually not the biggest fan of matcha, and if I were to bake this again I’d use one tablespoon instead – but I was making it with a matcha-lover in mind, so the flavour is at the forefront of this version. All of the other components, the almost savoury and deeply cocoa-y shortcrust, the white chocolate ganache bottom (inspired by four and twenty blackbird’s genius black bottom), really do act as an (enhancing) backdrop for the matcha buttermilk custard. Continue reading