Speculoos pancakes


I’d been doing so well.

After the Great Speculoos Poem of 2012, I kept my distance from the stuff. I couldn’t be trusted with it – I’d go into the kitchen to do some washing up only for my housemate to find me hunched over the jar, wild eyed like a fox caught in the act of tearing a bin open, and shovelling spoonfuls into my face. So I finished up the jar – this may or may not have included me dragging my fingers through the nooks and crannies to get the last bits – and vowed not to buy it again until I’d either gained willpower or lost about 3 stone.

And all was hunky dory. Or it was, until Steph, of Riverside Baking fame, told me it was on offer in Waitrose. You know what this girl loves? Biscuits and bargains. So how was I to turn down a biscuit-based bargain?

So of course I got it. But I’m making progress, guys! I actually managed to make something with it this time. Taking baby steps (and giant spoonfuls). Oh and the pancakes? They’re amazing. Absolutely, perfect-with-bacon, exactly-what-you-need-at-11am-on-a-Sunday, amazing.  I even took some spare ones to work on Monday to eat warm with bananas. I’m onto a winner.

If you’re similarly afflicted with speculoos addiction, check out this recipe for homemade biscuit spread. It is insane.  Continue reading