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So here’s the thing. Cooking and baking aren’t just about cooking and baking. They’re not wholly centred on the outcome, at least for those of us who take pleasure in flour explosions and licking our fingers to dab up the crumbs of cheese that have somehow escaped the grater.  It’s just as much about zoning out from the stresses of day to day life, concentrating on weighing ingredients and not dropping egg shell into your mix.

When I step into the kitchen, knowing that I’ll likely be there for hours, this is the playlist that comes with me. It doesn’t always run in this order and I’m adding to it all the time. There’ll always be a little bit of Celine Dion – belted out horribly, and loudly – and some dancing about in the square metre of floorspace to Walk the Moon. A touch of funk from Betty Davis, followed by possibly the oddest selection of music I could have put together.

I’d also recommend you listen to this – no matter how many times I listen to it, the 1 minute 50 mark always comes like a punch to the gut, but, um, in a good way.

What do you listen to when you cook? Send me some recommendations below!

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  1. The Mother We Share is on mine too! I have a few different playlists depending on my mood, usually there will always be something to sing along to, something to dance to and something with good memories.

  2. Belle and Sebastian are firmly on my baking playlist. I particularly enjoy listening to “The blues are still blue” – it gives me the same sense of merriment as Paolo Nutini’s “New shoes”, which I can see in your list 🙂

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