The Best of The Littlest Bakehouse – an ebook

TLB BOOK COVEROne of the things that always baffles me when I come home is my mother’s recipe collection. Dozens of cookbooks, a folder full of ripped out magazine pages, some of them decades old, and a bunch of hand-written recipes. It’s extensive and spans at least 30 years, going by the design and crispy edges of some of those magazine pull-outs, and tells stories without trying. Even the style of recipe writing has changed in that time, no-nonsense instructions from Mrs Beeton giving way to seductive adjective-laden notes from Nigella.

But then I look at my own collection. A handful of cookbooks and a hell of a lot of internet bookmarks, likes on Bloglovin’, and favourites on Twitter. None of it is permanent beyond electrical pulses.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a small ebook. TLB has finally hit 100 posts — more significant, to me, than a blog birthday, purely because I disappear for weeks at a time — and to celebrate, I’ve brought together your favourite recipes. And the cookies I made last week, because honestly they’re astonishing.

Unsurprisingly, it’s mostly cake.

Click here to view it online, or here to save.

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The lady behind The Dinner Bell! I'm that person who doesn't let you leave their flat without eating something, and will probably press a parcel of cookies or cake into your hands as you head to the door. I’m a sub-editor by day, avid book-reader by night, and octopus fan always. I've returned to Norfolk after eight years away, but little bits of my heart still belong to London, where I lived for almost fives years, and Sheffield, where I went to uni and finally lost my bumpkin accent.


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