In Season: May & June


inally, finally, finally, we’re out of the cold. As I type this, I’m looking out on grey skies (oh, England), but there’s solace in the fact that the streets are increasingly lined with the bright colours of summer fruits with “British” on the sticker.

Related to all this, you can now browse recipes by ingredient (up….^^^ there) on this little ol’ blog. There’s even a dedicated salted caramel section, along with the less indulgent fruit and veg bits.

In season

Asparagus – the star of the month!

Asparagus season is much anticipated in the UK due to the fact that it only lasts about six weeks, spanning May and June, with the odd early appearance in April. It’s a fussy, slow-growing crop, and its spears’ sugars start to convert to starch as soon as they’re picked, meaning they’re absolutely best fresh. This foodie favourite is also full of vitamins A, B and C, so it’s well worth scouting out while it’s still around – I’ve seen it as cheap as £2/500g in Lidl.


Courgette is one of my favourite sneaky veggies – you can hide it so easily, allowing you to feel totally virtuous, even if you’re eating, say, waffles.



While technically not actually in season yet, British strawberries have started to show up in the shops and these recipes look too good to not share. I’m sure there’ll be waaaaaay more in the coming months.

P.S. There are loads more strawberry recipes here!

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