Cookbook giveaway! {Closed}


giveaway! I know! Valentines weekend seemed like the right time to do this, because nothing says love quite like gooey, indulgent baked goods. CookbookGiveawayYou can keep your temporarily wildly overpriced roses – using brownies as a weapon, the quickest way to anybody’s heart is through the stomach. But cookbooks make a pretty good aid, too.

It’s a common affliction, for people who love books: there comes a point when your flat is more pages than bricks and mortar. The piles – loved, to-read, to-donate – become the bones of your home, in the same way that the stories and recipes themselves become part of the structure of you.

But in a home, you sometimes have to knock a wall down to create a little light, right? My desk drawers at work have books in them, ones that I’ve finished but haven’t yet re-homed. One of my flatmates trained as a chef, so we have a packed bookcase in the living room, and there’s another in the corner of my room. The space above my clothes in the wardrobe is populated by hardbacks. I like to imagine that they hang out when I’m away, much like you assumed your dolls did while you were at school, only less creepy. Maybe the magicians speak to the astronauts and the secret societies. Hopefully the octopuses preside over it all, arms waving like so many conductors.

I digress. It’s time to knock down a wall. And you get to reap the benefits!

This giveaway is for two great baking books: Blissful Brownies, published by Paragon Books, which covers all things brownie, from the classics to more inventive versions like upside-down toffee apple brownies; and the Joy the Baker Cookbook, by Joy Wilson, which is full to bursting with gorgeous recipes, including vegan pumpkin pecan bread and the oh-so-delicious PB&J milkshake.

This prize draw is open to UK entrants only. Enter by following me on Twitter,  visiting TDB on Facebook, telling me the bake you can’t live without, ooor you can earn *two* extra entries by tweeting about the giveaway!

The winner will be chosen at random, and the lucky winner will receive a copy of Blissful Brownies and the Joy the Baker Cookbook.

Enter below!

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Please note that these books are in very good condition but have lived in my kitchen, so there might be the odd mark in them – you know how flour gets everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Cookbook giveaway! {Closed}

  1. claire (@iDreamInCustard) says:

    I truthfully couldn’t live without eating brownies, and obviously homebaked ones are the best. But the bake I have the most real and deep-seated love for, both to eat and the process of baking is a swiss roll. Always.

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