In Season: April


onger daylight hours, no more excuses to live on chocolate, and aaaaaall the green veg in season: April has landed!

The other new thing, as if it being light at 6pm wasn’t enough, is a handy little month-by-month index at The Dinner Bell. You can find the page, which, as the name suggests, lists what’s in season each month with clickable links for exploring, here, or via “season’s eatings” in the menu. For ease of use, you can also click on the month at the top of the page to skip straight to what you need to know and, as ever, click the balloons in the bottom right to float back to the top. It currently lists fruit and veg, but time I’ll be adding meat and fish, along with a downloadable, printable tool to help too. Did I get far too excited about achieving this? Yes, yes I did.

On to what we’re enjoying this month!

Spring greens

April is the last month in a while for spring green cabbage, which I’m slightly heartbroken about because I’ve only just started to get to grips with it. Make the most of it while it’s here – it’s great for bulking out dishes (those precious extra veggies!) and is pretty cheap while it’s in season (I got 500g for less than 80p the other day at a supermarket).

Pear (conference)

Pears, alongside apples, are in season in some form pretty much throughout the whole year. Which luckily means that all of these cakes and tarts are, too. Winner!

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