In Season: July


appy July! *Looks out of the window*– it’s July, yeah? ‘Cause I’m wearing a long sleeved roll neck at the moment. Ah, home sweet (overcast) home.

The seasons are getting confused this year, not just for us (she says, as she coils a scarf around her neck) but for produce, too. Traditional seasons have been delayed, and, quite bizarrely, we now grow pak choi in Lancashire.

Just like asparagus, cherries in the UK this year have been slowed right down by the weather, meaning they’re unlikely to hit the shelves until late July. But that just means we can get ready for them now, right? Right.

As always, you can find a full rundown of what’s in season each month here!



I’ll be honest – I am not convinced by the cauliflower trend. A cauliflower pizza is not a pizza. Cauliflower rice is not rice. I’m clearly in the minority – in 2012, half the households in the UK didn’t even buy one in a whole year, but this humble vegetable saw a strange and miraculous resurgence last year,  and, due to being in season for 11 out of 12 months, it’s gloriously abundant. Maybe I’ve got something to learn.

You can find more cauli recipes here!

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