What is…Greaseproof paper and baking parchment?

Baking parchment has been treated with silicone, so it’s non-stick, moisture-resistant and can handle high temperatures, which makes it great for baking. Greaseproof paper, on the other hand, isn’t non-stick or heat-resistant, but is fat-resistant, making it best for wrapping greasy foods such as baked goods and cheese.

One thought on “What is…Greaseproof paper and baking parchment?

  1. Hansa Chudasama says:

    Thanks Hannah,
    I clicked google to find the difference between baking parchment and baking paper.
    Among all the other’s – i found yours to be the simplest one that get’s to the point.

    When i have more time, i’ll come back, try the donut recipe and also the cinnamon thingys.

    Hansa 🙂

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