The people who make me hungry: my top 15 food Instagrammers


ou know how they say you should never go to the supermarket on an empty stomach? I’d like to modernise that a little: never go on Instagram on an empty stomach, or there’s a risk you’ll have doughnuts for dinner. I envy people who are capable of meal planning and then sticking  to those plans. As a person who is totally at the mercy of whims and fancies, and often just forgets meals, the answer to What did you have for dinner, Hannah? is, on most weekdays, along the lines of Well, I forgot to eat, but I remembered eventually and had fish fingers, followed by jelly, and then some roasted carrots. It’s all kinds of embarrassing, but makes the victory all the more sweet when I pull together what my mother would consider to be a proper meal.

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Food Blogger Connect 5

This post has been a long time coming. I’d love to have an excuse for this but the truth is: it’s hot, I’m not built for heat, and so I’ve been napping after work. Such is the life of a ginger.

Last weekend, I woke early, tried to fashion my appearance into something other than “sweaty mess”, and nipped across London to volunteer at my very first Food Blogger Connect conference. To say I was nervous would be a huge understatement. I’d never met anyone there before, and with a blog that’s only 7 months old, I was well aware that most people would have no idea who I am.

We were blessed to have a team that really cared about making everything the best it could be, even if that meant spending half the day going up and down stairs with jugs of water. As for assembling the goodie bags: I’m pretty sure there are boot camps less intensive than that. We quickly developed a level of camaraderie that can take months to build in a normal setting – but once you’ve held your arms up while someone else douses you in spray deodorant, there’s no turning back. And when you’ve wiped sweat off your upper lip while the other person gracefully pretends you aren’t clearly leaking from every pore you have, you’ve definitely reached the point of no return.

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