Summer fruit pudding with lime, and vanilla mascarpone

Summer fruit pudding season has been the longest time coming. The cravings came mid-winter, just before I wrote a post half about out-of-season berries, and stuck around until my twice-weekly supermarket check for those red and blue and purple gems bore, er, fruit.

There’s satisfaction in the fact that the recipe saves a little food waste – I don’t keep bread in the house so I bought a loaf from the reduced section in the supermarket, but for the average person it means using up those past-best slices, and the crusts can be whizzed up into breadcrumbs for meatballs or a savoury crumble. Between that and all the vitamins you’ll be getting, it’s pretty much a virtuous pudding. Continue reading

Roasted summer berry frozen yoghurt

It’s August. How did that happen? A couple of weeks ago I was celebrating my spring birthday and now it’s less than 20 weeks until Christmas (okay, I’m pretty happy about that part).

Roasted summer berry frozen yoghurt | The Littlest BakehouseI sort of hoped I’d never be one of those people who’s all, “Hey, look, time’s passed, how about that?” but here we are, and the next thing you know I’ll probably be seeing my younger cousin and saying, “Look at you! Haven’t you grown!” like an idiot.

Because that’s what happens – time passes, children grow. Spring turns to autumn and…wait. That’s not how it works. Summer. It’s still summer. It’s August and it’s sunny* and it’s England and we are all most confused. Continue reading

Strawberry & coconut rugelach

Every now and then I get really, really obsessed with a  particular flavour or ingredient. I’ve been in danger of switching the target of my fickle foodie love to speculoos – I mean really, who doesn’t love biscuits smushed together with syrup? –  but the sun’s shining and I’ve truly fallen for strawberry and coconut and oh my god I cannot stop jamming these tiny pastries into my pie hole.

Strawberry & Coconut Rugelach | The Littlest BakehouseWith a little bit of oh-so-British sweetness teamed with the more exotic freshness of coconut, they’re the summertime cousin to the warmer months’ cinnamon rugelach. And as a bitesize morsel that can be prepared a few days ahead and doesn’t wilt in the sun, they’d also be superb for picnics and barbecues. I guarantee that despite their unassuming exterior, this little bite of summer will not disappoint. Continue reading