In Season: December


ontrary to the December diet I described in my last post, there are plenty of vegetables that are in season in December, as well as, you know, biscuits, cakes, and meat wrapped in more meat.

Admittedly, fruit is thin on the ground – at this point we’re mostly importing or living on booze-soaked dried fruit. No complaints here!

celery & celeriac

Let’s be honest, celeriac looks disconcertingly like the mandrake plants in Harry Potter. As for celery itself, until recently I was convinced it had little use beyond being a vehicle for cream cheese and houmous – I was wrong, obviously.

Red cabbage

So, it may not be the sexiest vegetable but various cabbages are the most abundant at this time of year. Red cabbage, strong enough to withstand a long braise without becoming wilted and sad like its green cousins, is a welcome blast of colour in what otherwise can become a pretty beige month. Keep it traditional with apple and a little vinegar, throw in some classic Christmas spices for a more festive touch, or check out one of these recipes.


Family Christmas dinner discussions started in November this year, with the yearly “what do you mean, we’re not having dumplings *and* Yorkshires?” fandango (Mum, yes we do need both). It’s the one meal a year you really, really shouldn’t mess with…but that doesn’t mean you can’t add things. Here’s some fun takes on the traditional Christmas dishes.

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