In Season: August

I’ve hit peak seasonal eating. All of my colleagues and friends have been bored to tears with it, me gesticulating wildly as I talk with way too much enthusiasm about brassicas and their buddies, but last week I did a very exciting grocery shop and have a lot of new flavours and ideas to play with. I’ve just finished up using every last scrap of a bunch of beetroot: burgers with the root; pesto with the leaves; and extra bulk for this week’s lunches provided by blitzed stems. It’s good to get back in the kitchen after a busy few weeks.

Those late crops we’ve had, delayed thanks to our bizarre climate, have hit the shops now, and this month we’re casting the spotlight on raspberries and broad beans.  Time to check out some cracking recipes.


Last month was all about cherries – they’re here, in my fridge! – but August is raspberry month. As the berries come in it’s easy to overlook them in favour of their flashier classmate, strawberries, but raspberries have a little more depth, and make some spectacular pairings.

You can find more raspberry recipes here!

broad bean

We’re smack bang in the middle of broad bean season, which runs from May to September, but the real reason I wanted to feature them here this month is that Caroline at All That I’m Eating has this broad beans and goat’s cheese on toast recipe that makes me salivate every time I think about it. Definitely check it out. Elsewhere…

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