In Season: October

“GUYS. Look at all those apples. Bloody hell I love apple season, look at them all!”

It was October 1st and I was way too excited about apples, wandering around Borough Market with Sophie and Em as part of what Timehop shows to be an annual get-together, trying to spot a wild Delbard Estivale (apple type, not Pokémon). I’d blame being slightly delirious on the fact that I’d been stung by a huge wasp – unprovoked! – a couple of hours earlier*, but I feel like it’s justified – it’s a great month for English apples, meaning we can branch out beyond the supermarket standard breeds and the madness that is importing from New Zealand and the USA.

So for In Season this month, we’re looking at the classic early-autumn fruits, apple and blackberry.

As ever, in addition to everything going on below, you can find more monthly goodness here!



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They’re almost gone! So let’s make the most of blackberries while they’re still around.

*It was really big and I’ve never been stung before and I swore in front of two children in shock. And then did some dad-style one-finger texting because the thumb it walloped me on wouldn’t bend. 1/10, do not recommend.