In Season: April

Summer’s here, y’all! I’ve got hastily cobbled together spring wardrobe to prove it. It would seem this is the year my friends and I have aged – when we got together for a picnic in Regent’s Park yesterday we all took suncream (factor 30 to 50), wailed over the lack of need for the word “listicle”, when “list” is perfectly good (okay, that one was just me), and, in the most ridiculous show of no longer being the partiers we once were, discussed our favourite humous varieties (a lot of support for original, and red pepper).

But seriously, invite us to all your wildest raves, we’re a scream. We’ll be the ones with wine and water bottles.

Anyway, now we’ve had our first scorching weekend of the year, we can start to look forward to those glorious months of abundant produce, beginning with a vegetable that has legions of loyal fans: asparagus.


It feels like asparagus season has hit early this year, as I noticed the Norfolk-grown spears on Norwich market at the end of March, long before the traditional kick-off date of April 23. The green variety of asparagus, which is part of the lily family, is most common in the UK, whereas purple and white varieties are more popular in Italy and central Europe, respectively. As with most fresh produce, it’s best close to picking.

Flavour-wise, asparagus pairs well with hazelnut, cheese, peas, smoked salmon, and lemon. On the other hand, it does not go well with red wine.

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