In Season: July & no-churn malted ice cream

I’ve never got my head around some of the world “celebration” days – Black History Month? Yes! International Women’s Day? Absolutely! Don’t Step On A Bee Day? Ice Cream Month? Um, what?

Tell you what though – one of those is a worthy cause and the other is a pretty good excuse.

Ice Cream Month, apparently celebrated throughout the month (shocker!) of July in America, was dreamed up by President Ronald Reagan and the American Dairy Association just 32 years ago, although the sweet stuff itself predates freezers by quite some time. Thousands of years, actually. Although China got the hang of cold, creamy desserts at around 3,000BC, they didn’t arrive in Europe until the 13th Century, and took a further 400 years to make it to Britain, so really it’s no surprise that Italy has mastered gelato.

We might be faithful to good ol’ vanilla ice cream today, but back then you were far more likely to pick up floral flavours, or even asparagus ices. A step too far in seasonal eating, I feel.

Everyone who follows me on Instagram knows I’m super into ice cream. Everyone who’s been here before also knows it. So it should really come as no surprise that I’m gonna take this opportunity to collect some ace ice cream recipes for Future Me (and present you!).

We’ll start with an easy-peasy no churn recipe from Sophie

No-Churn Malted Ice Cream

600ml double cream
1x 397g tin condensed milk
50g malted powder (such as Horlicks)

  • Pour the cream and condensed milk into a bowl.
  • Stir in the malted powder – do this before whisking or the powder will go everywhere.
  • Whisk until the mixture reaches soft peaks (I recommend an electric hand whisk or a stand mixer for this, it’s hard work without).
  • Transfer to a tub and freeze for around 6 hours.

Elsewhere (bonus points for no-churn!)…

In season in July…

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