Bread Source, Upper St Giles

If you use social media, you’ll know about Bread Source already. You’ll have seen the window display of viennoiserie; you’ll have imagined whiling away an afternoon at that big wooden table, watched over by artfully trailing plants. The bright, carefully curated interior is absolute catnip for Instagrammers – to the point that the staff don’t even glance in your direction as you square up your shot.

The cafe on Upper St Giles is so beautiful it almost overshadows the whole point of Bread Source, which is this: they really know their bread. Baked in Horsham St Faiths using flour from Norfolk-grown wheat and barley, Bread Source’s goods are truly local. The loaves themselves range from traditional bloomers through to seeded sourdoughs and honey and walnut loaves, while those immaculately knotted buns taste every bit as good as they look.

The details

Style: Bakery, cafe
Location: 93 Upper St Giles St, Norwich, NR2 1AB. (Shop: 13 Red Lion Street, Aylsham, NR11 6ER)
Tel:  01603 611526
IG: breadsource

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