Haggle, St Benedicts

Haggle, St Benedicts St

The piece of romantic advice we love is this: be with somebody who looks at you like you look at your food coming at a restaurant. We might need to amend that, though: be with somebody who looks at you like we look at a good spread at Haggle.

Haggle, St Benedicts

Staying downstairs, there’s a speakeasy-style bar with striking lighting and an equally striking cocktail menu, while the garden room upstairs, all plants and pretty details, transports you out of Norfolk.

It’s the food, though, that can silence a table, just the faint hum of “mmmm”s until it’s time to swap plates around so everyone can have a bit. To get the full experience and enjoy a meal more social than the British are used to, it’s worth ordering something from each section of the menu. Sharing is the name of the game at Haggle – with so many flavours to explore you’d be a fool to pick just one dish.

The details

Style: Middle Eastern
Serves: Lunch, dinner, cocktails
Caters for: Vegetarian
Location: 13 St. Benedicts Street, NR2 4PE
Tel: 01603 633010
Web: hagglerestaurant.com
IG: hagglenorwich

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