No Churn Tahini Ice Cream with Mulberry Molasses by Emine Hassan

No-churn tahini ice cream with mulberry molasses

The sweet pungency of mulberry is softened with tahini paste, as its stirred, the whole thing comes together as a fruity, nutty, runny sauce called Pekmez. Just as the ripples in halva are made with mulberry molasses, so too is the topping for these tahini ice creams – it’s a good way to keep the flavours distinct, and it’s good for eliminating one or the other, if the sight/sound of one freaks you out a bit.


300ml double cream
200ml condensed milk
50ml tahini (sesame paste)
Pinch of sea salt
4 graham crackers, split in half plus crumbs for sprinkling

Makes 8 ice cream scoops


Using a balloon whisk or freestanding mixer with the whisk attached, whisk everything but the crackers & molasses together until thick and glossy. Pour in a deep dish, cover with cling film and leave to set overnight in the freezer. Scoop onto half a cracker, drizzle with molasses and crushed graham crackers before serving.