Hazelnut & pumpkin flapjacks

LittlestBakehouseFlapjackI know guys, I know. I need to step away from the pumpkins and the oats. Indulge me for one last pumpkin post, and I promise* I’ll leave it alone for at least a month.

I love it because it’s creamy and adds bulk to meals, for no Weight Watchers points. It can be savoury and it can be sweet. Plus it’s orange, and orange foods are almost always brilliant: mangoes, carrots, er, oranges, squashes, sweet potatoes and orange Smarties are all delicious.

At first glance, these flapjacks look a lot like I just baked pumpkin porridge with a few nuts and that’s that. The truth is that the porridge gets a thumbs up for Weight Watchers followers, and these flapjacks, full of sugar and glorious golden syrup, most definitely do not.

But despite the sugar, they have a balanced sweetness that teams well with the warmth of the pumpkin and spices. A colleague even said it was the best flapjack he’d had “in a very long time”. Are you converted yet?

For those nuts (ba doom tsh) who, like me, still aren’t over pumpkin, check out this Pinterest board and The Cake Hunter’s pumpkin week posts. Starbucks doesn’t get to dictate when pumpkin-eating season ends.

*I totally had my fingers crossed.

Serves 18, using a 8×8 inch pan. Click recipe to enlarge. 


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  1. Just turn your blog into a pumpkin blog! I will not complain 🙂 I love this combination. Pumpkin and oats are 2 of my favourite ingredients, I would put those (and blueberries) into everything. I love the photo at the top.

  2. When you get your book deal, all your page layouts and photography will be sorted 😉 you should make your own ebook for us Luittlest Bake House fans!

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