In Season: September

Anyone who’s been through a school system that kicks off in September knows this: it’s the real new year. As we dodge kids in too-big jumpers on the pavements, it’s hard not to get nostalgic about new bags and catching up with all your mates after some time apart and trying some “new year, new me” magic via the medium of shoes*. And for those of us who throughout the summer crave wool tights and cosy corners, crunchy leaves and steaming mugs of hot chocolate, the type that fit perfectly into the curves of your hand, it’s 30 days of hope and promise.

September, in food too, is the great month of overlaps, its bounty made obvious by a glance at the seasonal calendar**. It’s our last chance for several months to grab short-season gems like plums and blueberries, but our first chance to get in on some sweet butternut squash lovin’. It’s very nearly soup season. Today, we’re focusing on plum, courgette, and the sweet and jammy fig. 

*Of course, there’s absolutely no reason we can’t do all those things too. I for one am eyeing up some purple clogs, which are only about 5% as gross as they sound, and will soon have to pick a side in the perpetual battle between “small handbag” and “lots of books”.

**Realising that I kept coming back to the site to check produce availability, I made this printable calendar a few weeks back to pop on the inside of a cupboard. Easy peasy.

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